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foto_fanatics's Journal

Foto Fanatics
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All Members , Moderated
This is a community primarily aimed at showcasing the skills of professional and amateur photographers alike. While I'm not big on rules I suppose there should be a few to keep the chaos at a minimum.

-If posting more than 2 photos please put them behind an lj-cut to save our dial-up modem friends.
- Photos containing nudity are allowed if tasteful and are required to be put behind an lj-cut. Explicity sexual photos will get you one warning and any subsequent will get you banned.

There are no guidelines as to what photos may be posted. Funny photos of friends are just as welcome as artistic photos. Self photography is also welcome as long as we're not indulging your narcissistic side.

You do NOT have to be a photographer to join. Anyone who loves pictures is more than welcome as long as you keep the criticism to a constructive minimum.

Above all I want everyone to have FUN. Now play nice and post away!